R & D

R & D

Our vision is "Swine Genetics for the Future". Approximately 30 % of total company turnover is used in Research and Development.  

We operate a wide field of Animal Sciences. A broad research and development front is made possible through unity among various actors in the Norwegian industry. There is a short road from theory to practice. International demands are continuously implemented in the R&D activity. 

Related content

Genomic Selection fully implemented

Genomic selection has now been fully implemented within the Norsvin genetic program and is boosting the breeding objective substantially. Results so far show that genomic selection will enable an increase in genetic progress by at least 30 % compared with traditional breeding.  

Sow feeding and performance

Recent studies add important knowledge about the impact of diet and feeding strategies on the development and performance of gilts and sows. One of the findings was the discovery of a positive energy balance for sows during late lactation. 

Norsvin seeks to increase robustness and disease tolerance

In the years to come, Norsvin strengthens its focus on robustness and disease tolerance in pigs through a new MUSD 2.7 research project. 

Scoring of osteochondrosis

Pigs tested at Norsvin Delta are scored for osteochondrosis with CT technology.

Computer tomography in boar selection

Norsvin is the only genetic company in the world using computer tomography (CT) as an integrated part of boar selection. 

Intramuscular fat, unique possibilities with high-tech phenotyping

Recently, a new technology is being developed in Norsvin’s meat quality platform, using CT images for calibration of intramuscular fat (IMF) in live pigs.