Norsvin Duroc

Terminal Sire Line

The Norsvin Duroc sire line is robust, productive and lean, and with a 50 percent contribution to the market hog it promotes the unique Norsvin full program product quality. 

Norsvin Duroc sired piglets are vital and have a high daily gain. Norsvin Duroc shows an exceptional genetic trend for lean meat percentage and feed efficiency, mainly due to the use of CT-technology and FIRE stations for routine measurements. Purebred Duroc boars had a 2.0 FCR in boar test (results 2013, 88 - 265 lbs, average energy concentration: app. 4.3 MJ NE/lbs.).

Norsvin retain meat quality through wide scope breeding programmes and high-tech analysis methods. Traits as pH, IMF and drip loss contribute to the unique Norsvin full program product quality.

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