Norsvin LY herd data: The Hopstad Herd

Norsvin LY herd data: The Hopstad Herd

Line and Atle Hopstad run a combined piglet and finishing pig facility in Nordland in the north of Norway. The herd is marked out by good procedures and results.

In 2012, the herd had a farrowing rate of 91.9 percent; for every litter born on the farm, an average of 12.8 piglets was weaned. This is achieved by a large number of live births (13.6), with only 6.0 % of piglets lost between birth and weaning.

Since they started pig production in 2005, Line and Atle have averaged over 28 weaners per sow per year. This is a high number, given that Norway has a statutory weaning age of 28 days.


Trait 2012
Weaned/sow/year 28.6
Litters/sow/year 2.3
Farrowing rate 91.9
Total born/litter   14.7
Stillborn/litter  1,1
Weaned/litter  12.8
Age, weaning (days)  35
Days from weaning to 1st service   5
Percent, P1 litters    38.2