What a year! -Norsvin sets records in Sweden

What a year! -Norsvin sets records in Sweden

Norsvin’s daughter company Avelspoolen AB increased their semen sales by 5.5 % in 2013. In december alone the numbers were up by 30 %. 

Norsvin reached a 40 % market share in Sweden in 2013, and this number is increasing month by month. Avelspoolen increased livestock sales by 13 % in 2013. The Norsvin LZ dam line was new on the market in 2013, and is part of the reason why sales are increasing. 

The premium product ≪Guldgris≫ (meaning ≪the golden pig≫) was launched in Sweden in the spring of 2011. Guldgris is a LZ*D hybrid which always has Norsvin Duroc as its sire. The Guldgris meat has proved popular with consumers, and is well regarded by the breeding and production industry. Around thirty pig producers in Sweden produce Guldgris pigs, which accounts for 5-10 % of the volume at five of the abattoirs affiliated with Avelspoolen AB. 

Extra tasty - extra succulent 

Some of the things that set Guldgris products apart from others is the fact that consumers find the meat more succulent and with a more delicate color. This is supported by the abattoirs, who report that the Guldgris meat has a better water holding capacity (WHC), lower drip loss, and less need for salt and other additives to conserve the good flavour.

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An important factor behind the Guldgris meat quality is the genetic development strategy for Norsvin Duroc, focusing on sustainable development in respect to meat quality traits. Drip loss and Intramuscular fat (IMF) are important properties for juicy and tasty pork, and weighted traits in the breeding goal

The Guldgris concept appeals to consumers who value flavour, succulence and tenderness when choosing pork from the variety of ≪bulk goods≫ presented on Swedish grocery shelves. These consumers are willing to pay around 15-18 % more for Guldgris than standard pork. The aim is also to pay Guldgris producers extra per kilo produced meat, something Swedish pork producers will appreciate. 

Positive effect 


For most, being a Guldgris producer has been an uplifting experience in otherwise tough times for Swedish pork producers. The market has declined over the past years, and the amount of imported pork is increasing. Norsvin, through Avelspoolen, serves around 40 % of Swedish pig production. 


Swedish Guldgris website: www.guldgris.se

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Pictures: Bertil Ewertsson is one of the Swedish Guldgris producers (Photo: Persgard/Avelspoolen).