Sow feeding and performance

Recent studies add important knowledge about the impact of diet and feeding strategies on the development and performance of gilts and sows. One of the findings was the discovery of a positive energy balance for sows during late lactation. 

Genomic Selection fully implemented

Genomic selection has now been fully implemented within the Norsvin genetic program and is boosting the breeding objective substantially. Results so far show that genomic selection will enable an increase in genetic progress by at least 30 % compared with traditional breeding.  

Updated breeding goals

On January 28th 2014 Norsvin not only updated the breeding goals, but also the technology used when estimating breeding values. 

Norsvin seeks to increase robustness and disease tolerance

In the years to come, Norsvin strengthens its focus on robustness and disease tolerance in pigs through a new MUSD 2.7 research project. 

What a year! -Norsvin sets records in Sweden

Norsvin’s daughter company Avelspoolen AB increased their semen sales by 5.5 % in 2013. In december alone the numbers were up by 30 %. 

Intramuscular fat, unique possibilities with high-tech phenotyping

Recently, a new technology is being developed in Norsvin’s meat quality platform, using CT images for calibration of intramuscular fat (IMF) in live pigs.

Norsvin USA Announcement - Sr. Sales and Business Development Manager

Norsvin USA are pleased to welcome Mike O’Neal to the Norsvin team in the position of Sr. Sales and Business Development Manager.

Norsvin USA Announcement - Director of Veterinary Services

Norsvin USA are pleased to welcome Dr. Mitch Christensen to the Norsvin team in the position of Director of Veterinary Services.

Scoring of osteochondrosis

Pigs tested at Norsvin Delta are scored for osteochondrosis with CT technology.

No genetic lag

Norsvin and partners strive to keep the genetic lag to a minimum between the core development and R&D in Norway, and commercial production.

Norsvin in the lead of CT Technology

The Norsvin experience using CT scanning as a high-intensive tool for breeding - 5 years of experience.

Dr. Mike Terrill joins Norsvin USA LLC as its President and CEO

Norsvin USA LLC is delighted to announce that Dr. Mike Terrill is joining the company as its President and CEO from 5th September 2012.

Mr Olav Eik-Nes new CEO of Norsvin

The Board of Directors of Norsvin has appointed Mr Olav Eik-Nes as the CEO of Norsvin.

Norsvin at the forefront of CT technology

Norsvin now enters its 7th year with computed tomography (CT) used as a high-intensive tool for selection.