No genetic lag

No genetic lag

Norsvin and partners strive to keep the genetic lag to a minimum between the core development and R&D in Norway, and commercial production.

In addition, low genetic lag provides commercial data back to Norway and affects selection decisions made in the core.

Boar semen

Genetic linkage through Elite semen from Norsvin’s AI Center in Norway is an important driver keeping genetic lag to a minimum. Totally, in 2012, 8.632 fresh Elite semen doses were delivered from Norway to affiliated nucleus herds globally.


In addition, Norway supplies boars for multiplication to the Nordic market, as well as terminal AI boars for boar studs geographically close to Norway. In 2012, 119 AI boars for multiplication of parent females were shipped to our Nordic partners. Norsvin also shipped 143 terminal Duroc AI boars to markets geographically close to Norway.

In total, the genetic linkage through nucleus semen and also multiplication boars from Norsvin’s test facilities in Norway provide a system with practically no genetic lag.