Breeding Goal Norsvin Landrace

Breeding Goal Norsvin Landrace

The breeding goal of Norsvin Landrace balances efficiency and productivity with maternal traits. 

The breeding goal has gradually grown in complexity; today's breeding goal includes a total of 25 different traits with weighting. Number of live born piglets was introduced into the breeding goal more than 20 years ago. In 2001 the weighing and mortality protocol was implemented. Since then, more than 2.4 million individual piglets have been weighed. 

In 2010, the breeding goal was restructured to include new traits such as pig mortality and shoulder sores.

In April 2012 sow body condition score at weaning was included in the breeding goal. This is to ensure that we breed for a highly efficient sow with sufficient feed intake capacity. Norsvin Landrace is well known as a lean and efficient dam line. 

In January 2014, major revisions were made in the Norsvin breeding goals. This large update, including introduction of genomic selection, will result in a substantial increase in the total genetic gain.

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