Breeding Goals

Breeding Goals

The Norsvin breeding goals consist of a broad spectrum of traits, from production, carcass quality, meat quality, litter size, reproduction and maternal ability to robustness traits.

Norsvin’s breeding goals are long term and takes future needs into consideration. The breeding goals are revised in step with developments in the industry, changes in the market and scientific advancements.

Norsvin has reduced the emphasis on quantity traits in favour of a greater focus on quality. We continue to have breeding goals that focuses on creating greater efficiency in production, but it is becoming increasingly important to improve quality at all stages – for the benefit of producers and consumers alike.

In January 2014, major revisions were made in the Norsvin breeding goals. This large update, including introduction of genomic selection, will result in a substantial increase in the total genetic gain.

Breeding Goal Norsvin Yorkshire

In Norsvin Yorkshire reproductive and maternal traits are combined with productive marked hog traits. 

Breeding Goal Norsvin Duroc

The breeding goal of Norsvin Duroc aims at an efficient and lean slaughter pig with good meat quality. 

Breeding Goal Norsvin Landrace

The breeding goal of Norsvin Landrace balances efficiency and productivity with maternal traits.