Genetic Program

Genetic Program

The aim of Norsvin's genetic program is to ensure an effective, healthy and robust pig that will perform in a variety of different production environments.

The genetic program shall ensure a good quality end product and last, but not least, contribute to ethical and sustainable production.

Data registrations in breeding herds are the main basis for the selection of the Breeding Goal traits. In addition, new on-farm testing of gilts is contributing to several new exterior traits, CT is undergoing further development as one of our most important breeding tools, and new analytical methods are enhancing breeding for meat and fat quality.

The Norwegian pig breeding pyramid

Norwegian pig breeding is organized as a traditional pyramid.

No genetic lag

Norsvin and partners strive to keep the genetic lag to a minimum between the core development and R&D in Norway, and commercial production.

It is all about the (big) data

Data is the new gold. Gold diggers aren’t going to the Klondike anymore, they dig into data; big data. 

Duroc selection for the Swedish market

For production of “Guldgris”, Norsvin Duroc boars are selected from the Norsvin Delta boar testing station. Every six weeks boars are exported to the Swedish semen station Hudaryd. 

Updated breeding goals

On January 28th 2014 Norsvin not only updated the breeding goals, but also the technology used when estimating breeding values.