History and organization

History and organization

The Norwegian Pig Breeders’ Association, Norsvin, was founded as a co-op in 1958, and is now owned by 1 700 Norwegian pig producers.

Our main office is located in Hamar, Norway. Internationally, Norsvin have daughter companies in US, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden, and additional customers in Sweden (Quality Genetics), Finland (Finnpig), Spain (Batallé) and Iceland (SFI).


Norsvin is the only Norwegian company doing pig breeding. This includes pure breeding, crossbreeding and artificial insemination. Norsvin owns and operates Norway’s only Artificial Insemination (AI) centre. The centre holds 250 AI boars.

In Norway, Norsvin has a staff of 70, occupied in the fields of research and development, design and operation of breeding programs, semen production and distribution, herd management and professional training. Norway, Sweden and Finland comprise Norsvin’s home market; with an annual production of 6 million slaughter pigs.


From the founding in 1958, the focus has been on breeding for efficiency and quality at all stages, through intensive research and development and planned breeding schemes.

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