An innovative journey

An innovative journey

We have a proud and solid history behind us, guided by our vision «scientific achievements».Norsvin is always planning ahead, through innovation, to add value for our stakeholders.

The course was set already in 1958 when far-sighted farmers founded Norsvin with this very vision. By focusing on state-of-the-art knowledge and technology, Norsvin has taken the lead by being loyal to our vision, building strategies on it and putting strategy into practice.

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The most important factor in developing «the best for the best» is to promote a culture of innovation. Among other things, that means being willing to take risks, reward innovative thinking, build strong teams, being nimble, flexible and focus on the future needs of a changing industry. This strategy and culture forms the foundation for Norsvin as a strong and ambitious global supplier of competitive swine genetics.

Olav Eik-Nes, Chief Executive Officer


  • 1958: The Norwegian Pig Breeders’ Association (now Norsvin) founded as a co-op due to introduction of Artificial Insemination (AI).
  • 1960: Ultrasonic back fat evaluation implemented.
  • 1970: Central test stations implemented. Boars evaluated on feed efficiency, growth and back fat gain, in addition to half-sibling testing (GN-X program).
  • 1980s: Enhanced focus on in-house Research and Development (R&D). Biotechnology included in R&D strategy. Major advances in AI technology.
  • 1990: FIRE feeding stations implemented in boar testing routine for daily, individual feed intake recordings.
  • 1993: Norsvin Lietuva UAB daughter company established.
  • 1998: Major revisions in Norsvin’s meat- and carcass quality evaluation.
  • 1999: The use of AI had been increasing rapidly in the 80s and 90s. In 1999 the Norsvin AI centre was expanded to house 278 boars, thereby becoming the largest AI centre in Northern Europe.
  • 2001: Piglet weighing and mortality protocol implemented.Since then, more than 2.4 million individual piglets have been weighed.
  • 2001: Norsvin gaining ownership in the Swedish company Avelspoolen AB.
  • 2002: US population established and directly linked to Norwegian nucleus through semen. Today Norsvin has significant market share in the top 25 Powerhouse accounts.
  • 2008: Opening of Norsvin Delta boar test station. Here, a total of 3,500 boars are tested annually, using FIRE feeding stations and CT-technology for routine measurements.
  • 2014: Genomic selection implemented as a complement to traditional breeding techniques. Norsvin genetics possess a unique position internationally, and we are aiming for further growth.
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